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Are you keen on safeguarding your wealth from falling dollar and inflation?

Does your mind forsee something like financial disaster or bankruptcy?

Well then before it is too late, you have to consider switzerland. There can be a no better country, better than Switzerland perfectly safe for your money, packed with privacy. Swiss asset protection can be achieved by investing your money in switzerland, in the form of swiss life insurance policy, issued by top rated insurance companies. These annuities are the worlds rarest and privately kept investments for international customers. The very good news for americans is, it is perfectly legal to move your money to switzerland.

Swiss annuity is a form of investment in switzerland, or similiar to your term deposits with a fixed interest rate. This usually involves in purchasing a life insurance policy with one of premier rated insurance companies in switzerland. You enjoy safety, growth and excellent return of your money with interest rate plus dividends on maturity. You can chose your way of receiving your returns, say in one year or halfyearly or quarterly. Swiss annuities are exempt from the famous 35% withholding tax imposed in switzerland and are bound by strict swiss insurance laws. Your annuity is held as a private investment and NOT reported to any foreign authorities. Swiss annuities offer currency choice like CHF (swiss franc), USD, EUR or other 7 major currencies.

Swiss Fixed Annuity Plan

  • Excellent for safety oriented .
  • Asset Protection
  • Multicurrency choice
  • Swiss Insurance company
  • Minimum Investment USD 50'000.

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Deferred Variable Annuity Plan

  • Excellent for growth oriented.
  • Asset Protection in Liechtenstein
  • Global diversification
  • Investment choice.
  • Minimum Investment USD 1 million.

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Our service is free with best advise and assistance on fixed or variable annuities, appointment of beneficiaries and maintenance of contract with premier rated Swiss insurance companies.

We charge no upfront fee from our clients, as we are directly compensated by insurance companies in switzerland.

We offer you the best advice and consultation for your investments in swtizerland. Your investment is held in First Class Swiss Insurance Company, private and secure.

Investment Benefits

Swiss safety for your money
Privacy for your investment
No swiss taxes if you reside outside Switzerland
No limit for your investment
Creditor protection & Judgment proof
Easy currency switch
Instant liquidity
Multicurrency choice
Easy Currency switch

If the benefits are so huge, then why swiss annuities not widely available and less promoted?

Swiss insurance companies maintain a low company profile and these insurance products little known to only few people outside switzerland. Most swiss insurance companies operate within switzerland and do not have offices in US or in other countries. If such companies were to go and sell insurance products in other countries, swiss law will not apply and subjected to domestic country laws. When this happens, you lose your privacy! However, you are free to approach any insurance company in switzerland to purchase an insurance policy. Please be aware that most swiss insurance companies, ask for a nominee/agent residing in switzerland.

Asset Protection

A Swiss or Liechtenstein insurance policy will give you this extraordinary level of asset protection against creditors, if it meets the following conditions:

  • You have designated your spouse or descendants (i.e. children) as beneficiaries, or
  • You designate anyone as an irrevocable beneficiary
  • The designation of beneficiary was not made with the intent to damage creditors.

This applies even if a judgment or court order specifically orders the seizure of your policy from a foreign country. It is infact simple, easy and uncomplicated solution to offshore trusts.

For US Citizens

IRS requires you to file Form 720 for 1% excise tax (which is 1% of premium paid) if you buy a foreign held annuities. A recent tax treaty of US with switzerland eliminates this tax, if you buy an annuity from a swiss insurance company. However liechtenstein annuities are not exempt.
  U.S Annuity Swiss Annuity
1. Privacy no yes
2. Asset Protection no yes
3. Diversification no yes
4. Investment Choice yes yes
5. Multicurrency choice no yes
5. Liquidity yes yes


Swiss Fixed Annuity Plan

  • Excellent for safety oriented.
  • Minimum Investment USD 50'000.

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Swiss Variable Annuity Plan

  • Excellent for growth oriented.
  • Minimum Investment USD 1 million.

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Swiss Franc (CHF)

Swiss Franc (CHF), the currency of switzerland is known to be a 'safe haven currency' backed by gold reserves. The value of US dollar has gone into a freefall along with EUR and GBP, which is one of the main reasons, many investors chose CHF as denomination for swiss annuity contracts. You have full freedom for the currency of your own adapting to the fluctation. You have to wait for the best time to convert your funds, when USD falls in value to CHF. Our investment advisor would instruct you best on this.


Overview of Swiss Anuity Investments

Fixed Annuity Variable Annuity

Annual Returns*

1.75% for CHF (technical interest as defined per FINMA)
+ surplus participation + currency gains
Fixed income 6%
Conservative 7%
Balanced 15%
Dynamic 19%
Asset Protection Yes Yes
US IRS Tax Deferral No Yes

* Returns are just indicative and cannot be guaranteed.

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